If you are looking for an institution that has good services on federal savings and loan, look for one that has a big size of business, a collection of spectrum of services and their scope of their ever-advancing technology is great.

Federal savings agencies offer mortgages and home equity lines in selected states. Some of them also offer products like, checking accounts with debit cards, and savings account with debit cards.

Federal Savings and LoanA federal savings and loan insurance corporation is an institution that administers deposit insurance for savings and loan institutions in a particular country. This type of corporation is created in order to insure deposits in savings and loans, and to insure deposits in commercial banks.

During times of savings and loan crisis, most of these corporations become insolvent. It is typically recapitalized with taxpayer money. Take these as examples.

The Savings and Loans Crisis created the greatest banking collapse since the Great Depression of 1929. By 1989, over half the Savings and Loans had failed, along with the FSLIC fund that was created to insure their deposits.

Empire Savings in Texas revealed land flips and other criminal activities. Half of the failed S&L’s were from Texas, pushing that state into recession. As bad land investments were auctioned off, real estate prices collapsed, office vacancy rose to 30%, and crude oil prices fell 50%.